ABOUT HENKEL: Henkel is world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for consumers and industrial applications. From their long tradition they have a well-balanced portfolio of International, regional, and local brands. Henkel offers a multitude of applications to satisfy the needs of many different target groups.

Valco Melton

ABOUT VALCO MELTON: Valco Melton is an Original Equipment Manufacturer that manufactures in the United States and has been in business for 30 years. Valco Melton offers a full line of products for the application of hot melt, liquid glues and polyurethanes. From simple hand-operated gluers to sophisticated microprocessor-controlled systems, Valco Melton offers an extensive selection of hot melt and cold gluing equipment.


Images illustrating a few Foxjet products.

ABOUT FOXJET: Foxjet, renowned for its high resolution case coding systems, is a global provider of marking and labeling equipment for the Industrial marketplace. Foxjet defines reliability as up-time, low maintenance and clean operation. All of Foxjet’s inkjet case coding and labeling solutions are designed with features that decrease total cost of ownership.

Foxjet can also help manufacturers work towards sustainability by reducing or eliminating preprinted box waste. By printing boxes online with Foxjet’s generic carton printing solution, manufacturers don’t have to carry a preprinted box inventory and risk obsolescence.


ABOUT PAXTON: Paxton products are the industry leader in air delivery solutions, services and products. Power Dry is the most compact and affordable blow-off system on the market, used by major manufacturers throughout North America for 270-degree removal of moisture and debris in date coding and labeling applications. Paxton’s patented PowerDry system lowers energy costs by as much as 80% through reduced compressed air usage in bottling, canning and other packaging operations. Paxton’s blower systems have earned praise from clients not only for their efficient blow-of and drying capabilities but for the energy savings they deliver.

Evco Industries is a factory trained distributor in the field of packaging technologies.